Nursery and Farming

This module offers students with the study of morphology of coffee plants & is geared towards those who are planning to go into coffee farming. This course helps students to grow quality coffee and teaches them the proper methods of site selection, study of micro –climates and its effects on coffee quality and also teaches them how different types of varietals respond to different micro-climates. The farming module offers students with a comprehensive knowledge of a cycle of coffee from seed to a tree. It includes topics such as nursery setup, seedbed practices, site selection, crop management, nutrient management, shade planning, coffee tree pruning techniques, soil and water management and disease and pest management. Students in this course will be expected to work in teams to develop various farming calendars and perform various assessments

Picking and Harvesting

Quality coffee starts from the farm and the first stage begin at picking coffee cherries. This module teaches students to select coffee cherries based on its color and ripeness. Students are introduced with coffee refractometers where they have to evaluate the ripeness of the coffee cherries based on its brix value and are taught to selective pick coffee cherries on based on its brix value and color.

The Selective Picking
Orchard Management

Orchard Management

The Farming module is a comprehensive program that includes all aspects of coffee farming such as understanding and management of different cycles, crop management, long-term productivity, quality, and coffee sciences including genetic improvement, shade, water and soil management, nutrition, pest and disease integrated management. Students in this course will be expected to work in teams to develop various farming calendars and perform various assessments.This module teaches students with the right practices of managing a coffee plantation. Topics such as Tree management, Irrigation, leaf litter management, crop protection against weather & pests covered in this module.

The Right Way of Processing

The processing module helps develop core competencies of coffee processing for different actors in the supply chain, including pulper operators and managers. It helps farmers, processors and mill operators a deeper understanding of coffee processing to consistently improve quality and reduce defects. Students are taught with common processing methods like washed & naturals to more new wave processing styles where fermentation & enzymes are making most of the flavor development. Students can also learn how biochemical changes bring about flavor differences, especially in regards to fermentation.

Fermentation of Parchment
Green Beans Grading

Green Coffee Grading

The Green Coffee module is a comprehensive program created to give an individual a clear understanding and game plan for evaluating, importing and navigating coffee buying intricacies. Topics that will be covered include: assessing green bean quality, importing, storage, coffee aging, working with seasonal coffee, meeting producers, building long-term relationships, market trends, commodity contracts, pricing and finding vs. creating quality.This course is suited for people new to the coffee industry or those looking to gain an insight into the broad subject matter of green coffee. It includes an introduction to the basics of quality checks, coffee grading, and taste/flavor differences due to processing or species.

Roasting & Roastery Setup

The Roasting module is a comprehensive program geared to equipping students in how to optimize the roasting potential of green beans. Each level offers theory and much hands on experience, enabling students to leave well trained and confident to further excel outside of the classroom. Master roasters will develop in three competencies including a deep understanding of green bean quality, heat transfer and the roasting systems and sensory analysis.

Nima Tenzing Sherpa

Barista & Specialty Coffee Brewing

As a barista, it’s critical that you know all the factors that influence your final product. From the basics of producing a quality espresso to the more advanced latte art techniques, machine maintenance, bar workflow and management, this course ensures that you are fully equipped at whichever level you are at. Professional and specialized levels learn how to blend espresso beans.

Cupping and Grading

The business of running or starting a cafe can be a difficult one. This module explores the different areas of business needed to run a cafe successfully including topics like inventory management, staffing, quality control, customer service, target marketing and branding, layout, location and cash flow management.

Q Grading Preparation 

This course studies aspects of both business and marketing acumen. Marketing is one of the most important keys to running a successful business. Marketing topics include developing your story, creating clear messaging, identifying target markets, engaging with your community, delivering on consistency, marketing by region and using KPIs. Business topics include Human Resource systems and management, financial statements, as well as practical systems for keeping track of everyday items and goals.

Q Grading Preparation