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Love trying new coffees and spending time with other coffee geeks for good conversation, tasty coffees, and warm fuzzy feelings? Join our free public cupping in Kathmandu this Friday.

Space is limited to 10 people, so we kindly request you to reserve a space. (We also host a private cupping session @ Rs. 2000 per person, 2 people minimum) 

We offer weekly free public cupping every Friday 4:30 pm at National Coffee Academy, Kathmandu.


  • A prior reservation is a must and are limited to 10 people per session
  • We recommend arriving 10 – 15mins beforehand to secure a spot
  • Normally a 45mins – 60mins session


What you should bring?

Normally, we provide everything but you are welcome to bring:

  • your own cupping spoon
  • any interesting coffee you have, portable grinders, hand brewers, coffee related any items (so that we can learn and share ideas)
  • any giveaways, promotional item / merchandise to display and sale through our network
  • bakery items, your local produce, souvenirs and any-other items you think is good to bring for the purpose of sale, distribute and give-ways as gift/advertisement.

Why is National Public Cupping (NPC)?

This is the first time in Nepal, we initiate National Public Coffee cupping (NPC) event mainly to bring all the Nepalese coffee professionals together to share their knowledge, to meet, discuss, and collaborate, and, finally score the coffee. It’s also a great way to develop and train our palate, taste varieties of coffees and to help promoting Nepalese specialty coffee.

What we do?

Each session we try to bring a guest speaker (coffee expert) and a cupping expert who will run through the cupping process and together the group will learn about and appreciate the chosen coffees of the day.

How to book ?

Fill this form through this link https://goo.gl/forms/SBe6D9MXm3nBFy7O2

  • via email (nationalcoffeeacademy@gmail.com)
  • via facebook event.
  • via text sms / viber / whatsApp to +977-9851023082

All cuppings are 100% free unless otherwise stated.

Check bottom of any page to find location /contact details


  1. Attending this National Public Cupping (NPC) event, you agree to public your images on this event in our websites and social medias. We may do LIVE transmission of the event.
  2. Prior approval of your reservation is a must.
  3. Please refrain from wearing strong perfume or colognes as the scent might affect the evaluation of the coffees.

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